Bringing The Clean Energy Transition Downstate

New York’s goal to develop 9,000MW of offshore wind energy by 2035 will revolutionize how the Empire State is powered, providing locally sourced, affordable clean energy to New York communities. But to achieve this, New York needs clean energy transmission infrastructure that can reliably and efficiently deliver emission-free power to our homes and businesses.

In New York City alone, 89 fossil fuel peaking units have produced needed energy during high-demand moments. But, after decades of use, air pollution from these plants has resulted in higher rates of asthma, respiratory disease, and other negative health impacts for the communities forced to live alongside them.

The New York ISO issued a request for transmission solutions to ensure that this clean energy generated off the New York coast can be efficiently and effectively delivered to the grid.

New York is ready to embrace the future of clean energy and advance environmental justice. That’s why Anbaric has put forward the Downstate Clean Powerlink.

It is our mission to partner with communities in Downstate New York to ensure access to clean, affordable energy. A New York powered by renewable energy is good for the health of our communities, our economy, and our planet!