“In New York, this is the time to build. We’ve been talking about infrastructure forever. The economy now needs a real adrenaline shot, people need jobs. Now, do the construction you’ve never done.”

– Governor Andrew Cuomo on Morning Joe, MSNBC


Offshore Wind Transmission to Reach New York’s Clean Energy Goals

Consulting firm The Brattle Group recently released a report titled Offshore Wind Transmission: An Analysis of Options for New York describing the pivotal role of transmission policy in the development of New York’s offshore wind industry. Their findings: electric grid cost savings of over $500 million and significantly reduced environmental impacts and project risks in developing a multi-user, planned transmission system for offshore wind in New York.

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Planned Offshore Wind Transmission

Enabling offshore wind to scale

Continued growth of offshore wind depends on phased development of transmission infrastructure to efficiently integrate new wind farms with the grid. Suitable locations to connect offshore wind are limited, and planning and developing independent transmission will avoid pitfalls that could hinder achieving New York’s offshore wind goals.

Reducing costs

Providing ready connections to the onshore grid reduces risk and will drive down the price of developing wind farms. European countries that developed independent offshore transmission have seen wind farms developed without subsidies.

Minimizing impacts on fisheries and the environment

Independent transmission systems can be used by multiple wind farms, reducing the number of cables in the seabed and minimizing impacts on fisheries, marine ecosystems and shoreline communities.

Supporting economic development

Independent transmission will enable offshore wind to grow steadily and for years to come, attracting manufacturers to establish a local supply chain and making use of New York’s skilled workforce.

Our Projects

We identify the best places to connect offshore wind and invest in and advance those positions through the interconnection and permitting process to reduce project risks and enhance the ability to successfully deliver offshore wind energy to New Yorkers. We also develop energy storage facilities to help integrate renewable energy into the grid.

Local Experience

Anbaric is a proven and reliable US-based renewable energy infrastructure developer with local experience getting projects done. Our team helped spearhead two 660-MW underground and undersea transmission projects connecting New York and New Jersey. Both were completed on-time and on-budget employing union labor, and Anbaric is committed to partnering with men and women from the union trades in all of our New York projects.

What Others Are Saying

“Although current interconnection points currently may support individual radial project connections in New York State’s nascent offshore wind market, this approach has inherent limitations as a long-term transmission solution…. The coordinated approach is better suited to develop the offshore and onshore grids necessary to support the CLCPA’s offshore wind goals.”

– New York Power Authority

“A planned, regional transmission system will enable multiple uses in the future while providing significant advantages for an emerging US industry. By allowing for more options for consideration and fostering greater competition, a planned transmission system benefits the offshore wind industry, states, taxpayers, local communities, the environment, local businesses, and other stakeholders.”

– Building and Construction Trades Council of Nassau & Suffolk Counties

“As with all offshore development that will impact fisheries, advance planning and deliberate thought regarding a renewable energy transmission grid will provide significant benefits over the current piecemeal approach.”

– Responsible Offshore Development Alliance (RODA)

“Developing a transmission backbone structure for implementation in future NYSERDA solicitations will produce a more robust market, increase market competition, reduce capital costs, and efficiently and cost effectively allow for the necessary future system expansion to meet the CLCPA mandates.”

– Shell Energy North America

“A well-planned and coordinated effort to integrate New York State’s offshore wind resources with the land-based electric grid will yield cost-effective and efficient outcomes for customers and maximize environmental benefits.”

– Joint Utilities

“We recognize that shared radial, expandable and/or independently owned transmission could provide benefits to offshore wind development, for example by enabling the construction of a more efficient transmission system that would cost less and have fewer environmental impacts.”

– Clean Energy Advocates

“Building a better-connected, smarter grid creates good-paying JOBS – and is KEY for a carbon-pollution free power sector.”

– Ali Zaidi, Deputy Secretary for Energy & Environment and
Chairman of Climate Policy and Finance for New York

Organizations We Support

Anbaric values our membership in the following organizations



“At Anbaric, our deeply seasoned and skilled team develops build-ready clean energy transmission projects that will significantly de-risk offshore and onshore wind interconnection and make major contributions to New York’s 9000 MW offshore wind and 3000 MW battery storage mandates.”

Janice Fuller

President, Mid-Atlantic

Janice Fuller is President, Mid-Atlantic where she leads efforts to develop offshore wind transmission infrastructure.

Prior to joining Anbaric, Ms. Fuller served as Chief of Staff to Congressman and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Frank Pallone (NJ-06), where she oversaw staff executing legislation ranging from telecom to environmental issues. She has also held roles as Director of Cabinet Affairs in the administration of Governor Jon Corzine where she oversaw the operations of several state departments and as the Executive Director of a state political party.

Ms. Fuller graduated with honors from Boston University. She is an elected member of the Board of Education in her hometown of Ocean, New Jersey, as well as serving as a board member of the Boys & Girls Club of Monmouth County.

Howard Kosel

Partner & Project Manager

Howard Kosel is a Partner and Project Manager bringing to this role more than 43 years of experience in the energy industry. Prior to joining Anbaric, Mr. Kosel was a Managing Director at Abatis Capital LLC, where he served as the lead to the Asset Team responsible for asset valuation, market analysis and due diligence of prospective investments.

Soam Goel

Lead Partner, Distributed Energy

Soam Goel is Lead Partner for Distributed Energy. Mr. Goel leads investments in transmission and microgrid infrastructure projects that are under development, campus energy infrastructure, and existing energy infrastructure that can be transformed through significant capital investments.


Anne Tarpinian

Senior Vice President, Ostroff Associates

Anne Tarpinian joined Ostroff Associates in 2019 and brings 25 years of experience working as an attorney in both the private and public sector, including: the U.S. Department of Energy, the Vermont Water Resources Board, both houses of the NYS Legislature, Governor Cuomo’s Executive Chamber and the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation. She is a practiced negotiator with a proven track record developing successful strategies to navigate complex legislative, budgetary, administrative and regulatory matters.

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan



Anbaric’s partnership with the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan gives us access to the investment power of one of the most innovative and recognized institutional investors in the world, and a responsible investor guided by strong environmental, social, and governance principles.


October 14, 2021

Anbaric Proposes Transmission System for Cleaner Air and Healthier Communities

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June 18, 2021

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